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Can extreme exercise extend your life?


Does engaging in intense physical activities like professional sprinting or long-distance running influence lifespan? This question is at the heart of discussions on whether there can be too much exercise or if extreme exertion can actually contribute to longevity.

The balance between exercise and longevity

“Everything in moderation,” as the ancient Greeks advised, applies aptly to exercise. While regular physical activity is universally acknowledged as a key to a longer, healthier life, the effects of intense physical activity are less clear. Recent studies suggest that extreme exercise might indeed extend life expectancy in certain individuals.

Insights from medical experts

In a recent podcast episode, Medical News Today editors Maria Cohut and Yasemin Nicola Sakay discuss findings from a study indicating that elite runners could live around five years longer than the general population. They explore the potential biological mechanisms with cardiology expert Michael Papadakis, who highlights the benefits and risks of high-intensity workouts.

Practical advice for incorporating exercise

Michael Papadakis, a renowned cardiologist, also shares practical advice on integrating more physical activity into daily routines, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s body limits and the potential health implications of extreme sports.

For those interested in the detailed discussion, the podcast episode is available on major streaming platforms, offering a deeper dive into how extreme exercise could potentially enhance longevity.