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Master the 30-day plank challenge for core strength and stability

women doing planks exercise

Plank exercises are a staple in fitness routines, known for their effectiveness in building core strength and stability. This comprehensive 30-day plank challenge, designed by fitness expert Kira Stokes, incorporates a variety of plank variations to progressively build your core muscles and enhance your overall strength.

Getting started with the plank challenge

Each day introduces a new plank exercise, starting with basic forms and advancing to more complex variations. You’ll perform three sets of each exercise daily, gradually increasing intensity and complexity through dynamic movements and flows.

Essential equipment

  • Two small towels
  • A flat surface
  • Determination and consistency

Weekly breakdown and key exercises

Week 1: Introduction to basic planks

The first week eases you into the plank challenge, focusing on fundamental plank positions to build a strong foundation. Key exercises include the Forearm Plank, High Plank, and dynamic variations like the Plank With Knee Tap and High Plank With Shoulder Tap.

Week 2: Enhancing core complexity

In the second week, the challenge intensifies with exercises like the Forearm Plank With Hip Dip and the High Plank With Knee to Opposite Elbow, designed to enhance lateral movement and core rotation.

Week 3: Advanced plank variations

Week three introduces more challenging movements, such as the Crouching Panther Plank and the High Plank Reach, pushing your endurance and strength.

Week 4: Mastery and flow

The final week combines all the skills and strength you’ve developed. This week includes complex flows and movements like the Plank Challenge Flow with multiple exercises combined, and the High Side Plank With Crunch and Toe Tap, culminating in a comprehensive plank mastery test on day 30 with the Crouching Tiger Push-Up.


By the end of the 30-day plank challenge, you’ll see improvements in your core strength, stability, overall posture, and body alignment. Remember, consistency is key, and each day builds upon the last, so keep pushing forward and stay committed to see the best results.