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Denise Austin’s kickboxing-inspired workout to tackle menopause belly


Fitness icon Denise Austin continues to inspire women with her successful and enjoyable workout routines. At 67, she’s tackling a common issue many women face during menopause: the dreaded menopause belly. Through an Instagram video, Austin shares kickboxing-inspired exercises that are both fun and combine cardio and core work to help women manage their weight and tone their midsection post-menopause.

Targeting menopause belly with cardio and core work

Austin’s latest workout features two dynamic moves designed to boost metabolism and strengthen the abdominal area. The first exercise starts with a strong stance, feet shoulder-width apart, fists ready below the chin. Austin demonstrates punch movements, pivoting on the feet, which engages the core and tightens the abs. She recommends doing this for one minute to feel the burn in the tummy.

The second move transitions into a high lunge with arms extended, followed by a knee pull towards the belly while pulling the elbows in. This exercise is excellent for cinching the waistline and targeting the obliques with its twisting motion. Austin encourages doing 10 repetitions on each side.

Engaging the community

Austin’s engaging energy and practical advice have garnered positive reactions from her followers, many of whom have been exercising with her for years. Fans express their appreciation for the workouts that help them stay healthy and feel better, especially during the challenging menopause phase.

More than just kickboxing

Austin emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded exercise program that includes cardio and core exercises. When combined with a nutritious diet, these workouts contribute to weight loss and toning. For those looking for additional exercises to target menopause belly, Austin has shared other routines, such as the wood chop, which works the entire core.

Denise Austin’s approach to fitness during menopause is not just about staying in shape; it’s about creating a supportive community and providing the motivation to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.