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How to alleviate wrist pain during planks

women doing planks exercise

Planks and pushups are fundamental exercises that can strengthen your entire body. However, wrist pain can often hinder many from performing these exercises effectively. This discomfort can be due to improper form, tight wrists, or conditions like carpal tunnel or arthritis. It’s essential to consult a doctor if you’re experiencing persistent pain. But for those looking to alleviate occasional strain, functional strength coach Kehinde Anjorin offers expert advice to help you plank without the pain.

Benefits of planks

Planks are a popular isometric exercise that targets the core, back, shoulders, and hips. They are known for improving stability and overall strength, which can benefit both your workout routine and daily activities.

3 tips to nix wrist pain during planks

Here are three practical tips from Kehinde Anjorin to reduce wrist pain during planks:

  • Use dumbbells: Holding onto dumbbells instead of placing your hands flat on the ground can keep your wrists straight and improve alignment.
  • Use a yoga block: Placing your palms on a yoga block can lessen the weight on your wrists, making planks more comfortable.
  • Warm up your wrists and forearms: Engage in wrist flexion and extension exercises before planking to warm up your wrists and enhance mobility over time.

By incorporating these tips into your exercise routine, you can enjoy the full benefits of planks without the discomfort of wrist pain. Remember, maintaining proper form and preparing your body for exercise is key to a safe and effective workout.